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V has been singing professionally for over 25 years. Her experience ranges from musical theatre, professional studio recording, worship leading, choir directing/arranging, revival concert worship and visual arts direction, touring, and live performance. Her vocal style includes Gospel, Blues, Country, R&B, Folk, Jazz, and Pop.  She offers vocal coaching to students interested in vocal stamina and building their range as well as worship leading training.  

Voice lessons can start any time of the year and V teaches children as young as 6 and adult students at the beginning through advanced levels. 

Beginner students usually start with a 30 minute lesson once per week.  Voice students learn to read music, build a solid understanding of rhythm, and enjoy creative exploration through composition, improvisation and performance.

Singing lessons for children under 9 years old would focus on basic musicianship skills and vocal breathing techniques in order to prepare a student for serious training as their body and voice matures.

V would love to answer any specific questions you have about vocal coaching.  Please contact her using the form below.



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Samples of vocal demos done for professional producers:
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